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Carolyn “Jane” Goeckler (August 17, 1929 – January 20, 2019)

Donald and Jane Goeckler

We were saddened to learn of Jane Goecker’s passing this last week.


Jane was the first director of the Silver Lake Public Library.   “ ….her greatest legacy is the founding of the Silver Lake Library.  In April 1974, she and a small group of women from the Silver Lake

Lana Biladeau and Jane August 11,2014

Methodist church organized a book drive and obtained a small space to begin a town library staffed by all volunteers and filled with nothing but donated books.  Although she had no formal education after high school, her passion for books and a lifelong interest in learning, coupled with her organizational skills, drove her to learn everything she could about developing the library into a fully funded public service to her community with a paid staff.  After her retirement in 1989 she continued at the library as she began, volunteering to do odd jobs as needed.”

Silver Lake is grateful for Jane’s dedication that assures the community’s access to a fully serviceable public Library.  The memorial designated for the Library’s Building Fund is a tribute to her commitment to lifelong learning.

The full obituary can be found here:  Meaningful Funerals



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Holiday Basket Raffle

#1 Family Fun Night donated by Barb & Nancy Bahm

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#2 Get Organized donated by Silver Lake Tops Chapter 1159

Janet Martinek winner





#3 Fall Blessings donated by Mike Mitchell

Jill Burton winner





#4 Happy Homemaker anonymous donor designed by Nikki

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#5 Movie Basket donated by Silver Lake Bank, Silver Lake Branch

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 #6 “To Grandmother’s House We Go” donated by the Silver Lake Public Library Foundation Board of Directors

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#7 CatDog donated by Silver Lake Public Library librarians

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#8 Little Miss donated by the Silver Lake Public Library Board of Trustees

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#9 Winter Comfort anonymous donor designed by Amber

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#10 Coffee Basket donated by the Friends of the Silver Lake Library

Nicole Frehe winner





#11 Christmas Coffee Basket donated by the Silver Lake Elementary School PTO

Anna Gerber winner





#12 Blast From the Past donated by Ginny Miller’s Day Care

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#13 Come in From the Cold donated by Bob Schwarz Financial

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#14 Christmas Morning Breakfast donated by Schwarz Insurance Group

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#15 Open on Christmas Eve donated by Sunflower Senior Solutions

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#16 What’s Trending Now donated by the Silver Lake Library Library Leaders Group

Ali Gerber winner