Talking Books

Talking Books

Kansas Talking Books provides books and magazines on tape and in Braille for Kansas residents who are unable to read or use standard printed materials due to low vision or blindness, physical limitations, or physically based reading disabilities (such as dyslexia). A certifying authority or a Library supervisor must sign the application as explained on the form. A Talking Books cassette player, which plays four-track cassettes, is provided.  Recently, digital players have become available as well. Books are sent and returned, postage free, through regular U. S. mail.

An application may be picked up at the Library or downloaded online

Send the completed original form to Kansas Talking Book Library Services, 1200 Commercial, Box 4055, Emporia, KS 66801

Search the Kansas Talking Book Library Catalog for a list of available titles.

Talking Books Contact information: Website: E-mail: Phone:  800.362.0699 (toll free)