Computers & WIFI


There are 6 computers at the Library for patron use. These are located over in our adult area. To log on to our computers you must use your library card and password or ask a librarian for a guest pass


Our WIFI is free and available to the public. Patrons can come inside to use their devices or stay outside in close proximity to the building. No password is necessary to access our WIFI, you just need to select ‘Library Hotspot’ network when searching


Check out our hotspots located behind the circulation desk. Ask a librarian about availability of devices. You can use these devices at home or on-the-go. These items are checked out in plastic containers and contain the device, 2 charging cords and a charging cube. They may be checked out for 7 days. For everyday that the device is late, the patron will be charged a $1.00 late fee, capping at $3.00. The hotspots may only be checked out to patrons who have a library card and are 18+.

NOTE: The library doesn’t have control over hotspot performance — if you can’t get a signal, try moving around in your location