Homebound Delivery Policy

Homebound Delivery Policy

I. Patron Eligibility

a. Homebound service will be provided to the residents of Silver Lake Township who are not able to come into the library. Patrons who identify as homebound, which is defined as being generally confined to the residence either temporarily, due to illness or accident, or permanently, due to age, unreliable transport, disability or other mobile problems

b. Patrons must fill out the Silver Lake Library Homebound Application to be considered for the program.

c. The patron must be in good standing to qualify for this service.

II. Library Card Registration/Use

a. Each homebound patron must possess or register for a library card  if they do not already have one.

b. A file containing homebound service registration forms will be maintained at the circulation desk for use when checking out materials to these patrons.

c. If the patron does not have a library card, an application will be filled out by phone or in person and the librarian will bring the card application and the homebound service application with them for the patron’s signature on the first delivery date.

III. Delivery Schedule

Materials will be delivered approximately once a week. The schedule of the delivery is up to the discretion of the patron and the librarian delivering the items. At the time of delivering new items, old items will be picked up and returned to the library.

IV. Fines/Fees

a. There is no fee for Homebound Delivery Service, but the library’s standard fee will apply to lost or damaged items.

b. The Silver Lake Library retains the right to discontinue service if borrowed items are lost, damaged, and/or not returned in the same condition  as they were delivered.

V. Materials Available for Homebound Delivery

a. All formats of materials are eligible for homebound delivery.

b. If a material desired by patron is not owned by the Silver Lake Library it can be requested through the library’s online NEXT search catalog or by calling the library at 785-582-4151.

VI. Homebound Environment Required for Delivery

a. Librarians are unable to assist patrons with other errands, household chores, etc. They are there for library purposes.

b. Librarians are not to search for lost of misplaced library items. It is the responsibility of the patron to keep track of all materials for return.

c. Librarians reserve the right to choose not to enter a home, to leave immediately, and/or recommend  suspension  of the service  if any of the following  conditions  exist:

  1. Pets are not confined (with exception to trained service  animals)
  2. Any person in the home is dressed in revealing attire
  3. Any person in the home presents threatening behavior
  4. Any person in the home uses obscene/abusive language or makes obscene gestures
  5. Any person in the home harasses the library’s representative
  6. Any person is engaging in illegal activity in the home
  7. Conditions of the home are unsafe.

d. If a staff member of the library must leave the home, deny service, or wishes to recommend suspension of service, the staff member shall provide the Silver Lake Library Director with written notice as to why.

e. If decided to suspend service to patron, the Silver Lake Library Director shall send written notice to  the patron, stating the reason and the length of suspension of service.

f. Any homebound patron may  request in writing that the suspension be reviewed by the Board of Trustees at the next monthly meeting.