Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

I. Legal Authority

Public libraries are organized under the laws of Kansas and authorized under K.S.A. 12-1219 et seq. to acquire by purchase, gift or exchange the materials and equipment deemed necessary by the board for the maintenance and expansion of up-to-date library services.

II. Objectives

A. To reflect the mission of the Library

B. To reflect the variety and diversity of opinions and life-styles of community members

C. To enhance job-related knowledge and skills

D. To expand citizens’ worldview and encourage participation in local, state, national and global affairs.

III. Responsibility

The Trustees delegate the responsibility for selection, deselecting and development of the collection to the library director.  The library director works with other staff members to develop the process and procedure for maintaining the collection.

IV. Criteria for Selection

A. General

  1. Availability of materials on the subject.

2. Current appeal and popular demand.

3. Value of material relative to durability.

4. Reflects various viewpoints and cultural diversity.

B. Review sources

  1. Adult:  Booklist, Kirkus Review, Library Journal, New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly and best seller lists.

2. Children:  School Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus Review, Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books and vendor catalogs.

3. Young Adult:  Booklist, School Library Journal and VOYA [Voices of Youth Advocates.]

C. Materials Not Included in Collection

  1. 16mm film , filmstrips

2. Textbooks, workbooks

3. Abridged books, outlines or synopses.

4. VHS tapes, cassette tapes

V. Recommendations and Gifts from the Public

A. Recommendations will be considered under the same criteria used for the purchase of other library materials.

B. Gifts or donations of books or other materials will be accepted with the understanding that the material becomes the sole property of the library and that the library director will determine the most appropriate use of the material.

VI. Challenged Materials

A. The Silver Lake Library will adhere to the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statements.

B. All challenges of materials will be handled by the library director according to procedure.

VII. Criteria for Weeding and Withdrawal

A. The library staff regularly review items in the collection to ensure that they continue to meet customers’ needs. It is the responsibility of the staff to assess the need for replacing materials that are damaged, destroyed or lost.

B. The following criteria are used in selecting materials for withdrawal:

  1. Damage or poor condition

2. Infrequent use and lack of demand

3. Date of publication

4. Availability elsewhere including other libraries and online sources