Board of Trustees


Mike Mitchell, President
Tiffany Fisher, Vice president
Jill Burton, Treasurer
Lori Clark, Trustee
Liz Steckel, Trusteeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Suzi Lindstrom, Trustee
Georgia Ransone, Township Trustee and Board Secretary

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About the Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees are volunteers for the library who usually have full time jobs of their own. Each member serves a four- year term, and together, the board is responsible for creating policies and providing resources for the operation of the library.

All meetings are open to the public in accordance to Kansas Open Meetings Act and Kansas Open Records Act. The Library Board meeting is scheduled for the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Library unless otherwise noted. For the virtual meeting information, email the library director at

How Can I Serve on the Board?

Board openings will be advertised on the Library’s website or on social media. Applications can be found here.

2021 Board Meeting Agendas:

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2020 Board Meeting Agendas:

Meeting cancelled for April 13, 2020

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2020 Annual Report